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Emotional Intelligence (E.Q.)

Some things that emotional intelligence is: The ability to monitor and understand one’s own emotions and to act wisely in human relations.  It is emotional stability and steadfastness. A defining factor in a person’s ability to work well in teams, deal with problems and ambiguities, stick to tasks, be self-motivated and remain optimistic about work […]

Harvard Business School

HBS: Compensation and Performance Evaluation at Arrow Electronics

This post is a commentary on a Harvard Business School Case Study about performance evaluations at Arrow Electronics. On a quick, personal, third-degree-of-separation type of note: while I have no inside knowledge of Arrow Electronics, I have had the pleasure of designing their facility here in Reno, Nevada. The Case study indicates that, at the […]

Commentary on a few news articles from the perspective of workplace motivation

From a Wall Street Journal article (Two Football Coaches Have a Lot to Teach Screaming Managers, January 29, 2007; Page B1), a Business Week article (Get Healthy—Or Else, Inside one company’s all-out attack on medical costs, Business Week, 2/26/2007) and a U.S. News and World Report article (Jesica’s Story: One mistake didn’t kill her–the organ donor system […]

Southwest Airlines Case Study: Using Human Resources for Competitive Advantage

O’Reilly, C., & Pfeffer, C. (1995). Southwest Airlines: Using Human Resources for Competitive Advantage. Stanford, CA: Graduate School of Business, Stanford University. This posting is about the Stanford University, Graduate School of Business Case study focusing on Southwest Airlines as an example of leveraging human resources into a distinct competitive advantage. Certainly, we’ve all hear […]

For Continuous Improvement, It’s Important to Understand that the Inner Affects the Outer and the Outer Affects the Inner

We, as human beings, are undoubtedly affected by both our cognition (the inner) and our behavior (the outer). As with most experiences in business, as in life, this can be good or bad depending on the way we use it. In the Harvard Business Review article “Teaching Smart People How to Learn” (Argyris, 1991), this […]