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Emotional Intelligence (E.Q.)

Some things that emotional intelligence is: The ability to monitor and understand one’s own emotions and to act wisely in human relations.  It is emotional stability and steadfastness. A defining factor in a person’s ability to work well in teams, deal with problems and ambiguities, stick to tasks, be self-motivated and remain optimistic about work […]

Personalities in a Team Environment

The relative success of a building construction project is often determined by the ability of the design team, owner, and contractors to effectively communicate ideas and resolve conflicts. This is true for practically any other type of endeavor that we humans venture into as teams.  Architects, engineers, and construction professionals form a special part of […]

Nobility of Spirit by Rob Riemen

I enjoyed the spotlight that this book puts on hopefulness, and the rallying cry to hold tight to it, even in the face of a society with increasing cynicism and its accompanying peril to the health of the individual human soul.  Many people may believe that people are not inherently good—but a society and democracy […]

Memory and Media

A Thought-Provoking Post by Seth Godin

Memory and media Not too many millenia ago, just about everything we remembered happened to us. In real life. Books and then radio and TV changed that. Orson Welles demonstrated that a radio drama could create feelings (and then memories of those feelings) that were as powerful to some as the real thing. Eleven years […]

Advanced Change Theory (ACT)

Commentary on an article, “Changing Others Through Changing Ourselves: The Transformation of Human Systems” in the Journal of Management Inquiry by Quinn, Spreitzer and Brown A ubiquitous and critical component of adaptive change is alteration of human systems. There is also a scarcity of research, expertise and effective, proven tools to accomplish this grand task: […]

Organizational Silence

Comments on an interesting article, “Sounds of Silence”, in Stern Business by Morrison and Milliken. The article is about the ubiquitous situation in which employees know about certain issues and problems that their organization faces but do not dare to speak the truth to their superiors. The article likens this to a CEO who has […]