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Emotional Intelligence (E.Q.)

Some things that emotional intelligence is: The ability to monitor and understand one’s own emotions and to act wisely in human relations.  It is emotional stability and steadfastness. A defining factor in a person’s ability to work well in teams, deal with problems and ambiguities, stick to tasks, be self-motivated and remain optimistic about work […]

Men's Wearhouse

Men’s Wearhouse Case Study

This article discusses a Case Study from the Stanford Graduate School of Business that is subtitled: Success in A Declining Industry. The founder, George Zimmer, opened his first store back in 1973, at a time when competitors were closing their doors. From opening to the time of the article (1997) the Men’s’ Wearhouse enjoyed 30% […]

Harvard Business School

HBS: Sins of Commission: Be Careful What You Pay For, You May Get It

Commentary on a Harvard Business School Case Study about Extrinsic Motivators: specifically monetary compensation. People sometimes do exactly what they’re paid to do, oftentimes to the detriment of company goals, such as the top line, getting new customers and retaining existing customers, as evidenced by the example of a car salesperson turning away a potential […]

Graduate School of Business, Stanford University Case Study: SAS Institute: A Different Approach to Incentives and People Management Practices in the Software Industry

The storyline for this case study goes that the SAS Institute was facing increasing competition, etc. and the question was: “Could and should the Institute maintain its unique approach to pay and other practices?” Had their success been a product of their approach or achieved in spite of their approach? Attraction and retention of talent […]