Structural Engineering Services for Contractors, Developers, and Owners

McElhaney Structural Engineers is a Reno, Nevada-based structural engineering firm that, since 2006, has provided structural engineering design, analysis, and community development services to contractors, developers, owners, tribes, and municipalities throughout the West.


  • For Industrial Owners, McElhaney Structural Engineers assesses, analyzes, and engineers solutions for heavy industry. For example, if your company is adding new heavy machinery to an existing plant, moving equipment around within your plant, or adding to or modifying existing production lines, we can analyze loads on your foundation and related structures to ensure safe, sound, efficient, and more profitable operations.


  • For Property Developers, McElhaney Structural Engineers frequently assists with feasibility studies, budgeting, value engineering, and can offer insightful suggestions and modifications that can save you and your investors time and money when building out your plans. What’s more, as part of your due diligence process, we can provide seismic ratings and evaluate the risk to your built environment in the event of seismic events, or consult on seismic evaluation and retrofit of existing buildings. We are often called in to consult on constructability questions, and we are also available to team with you on design/build projects. Bring us your problems, and we will assess, analyze, and engineer solutions to increase the viability and profitability on your development investments.


  • For Contractors, McElhaney Structural Engineers is a profit-protecting resource to have on your team because we can value-engineer your plans right from the start. At McElhaney Structural Engineers, we use computerized Building Information Modeling, or BIM, to analyze your plans, determine the constructability of your initial design, and oftentimes recommend a few simple tweaks that can make the difference — without substantially altering the architect or designer’s intent, so everybody’s happy. What’s more, several members of our team have worked in the construction trades, so besides working as licensed engineers and drafting professionals, they can also draw on experience from the field that can inform the constructability of your project. Bottom line, if you can dream it, McElhaney Structural Engineers can figure out how to get it built—on time, on budget, and safely.


  • About BIM One of the “best practices” in engineering today is the use of computerized Building Information Modeling, or BIM, to analyze structures. With BIM, our engineers and drafting professionals can use their computers to “look inside” a structure in multiple dimensions, turn it, analyze cross-sections, and determine the best course of action for constructability and profitability.

We welcome your inquiries, and we thank you for the opportunity to discuss your next structural engineering project today. (775) 853-5525 or email us for prompt, professional service.

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